Efficient and
Effective Service

By working with Oxbridge Guardians, you can be confident that communications with parents will be swift and accurate. We provide full guardianship services to all students, and work with schools to meet any additional needs. As well as out of school support, we provide host family service, translation and cultural assistance.

‘The schools, students and parents seem overwhelmingly happy with Oxbridge Guardians.’

(AEGIS Inspection Report, September 2019)

A fully Integrated service

Oxbridge Guardians provide a bespoke service for schools across the UK, with benefits including:

UK presence

Our UK team are able to provide school’s support on the ground – whilst we work with our team in Asia, we can resolve issues quickly and be an ‘at school’ presence. We take our role as Guardians very seriously, and work with a variety of excellent host families to ensure all of our students and schools have the relevant support.

Multinational management team

Our team are based in both the UK and China, which allows us to communicate with parents, schools, students and host families around the clock. Schools benefit from a competitive advantage in recruiting the best students, as well as our bilingual team who provide translation services for schools and parents.

24 hour support

The 24 hour support offered to students, schools, parents and host families allows us to be confident in our ability to assist in any situation, from academic to emergency. Working across the two timezones adds flexibility to this support, as we can ensure clarity in all communication.

Our promise.

We build long term relationships through demonstration of our added value to schools and over time aspire to be a go to trusted partner.


  • We’re accredited by AEGIS (Association for the Educational Guardianship of International Students in the UK) which means we’re part of a select number of Guardianship Agencies which work to meet the recommended guidelines in line with feedback from schools and safeguarding legislation. You can be confident that Oxbridge Guardians work in line with best practice, and our individual feedback echoes this.
  • Our recognition as part of the Certified Guardians Scheme with BSA (Boarding Schools Association) also demonstrates our commitment to excellent quality guardianship, and allows us to work closely with Boarding Schools across the UK, meeting all requirements.

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