Welcome to
oxbridge guardians

We are not just guardians; we are Educational Guardians, and our job is to provide a safe and conducive environment for students which is complimentary to the school arrangements.

What makes
us unique?

Our industry experience and passion for education allows us to truly connect with students, parents, host families and schools, and offer the guidance needed to enhance each student’s academic journey in the UK. By working together, we can ensure students’ success in reaching their goals. 


We operate nationwide with regional management and support to ensure the highest standard of service.

Partners at home

Years of working with highly trusted schools and host families allows us to be confident in the quality of service.


Our 24-hour emergency line provides full support to all students, parents, host families and schools.

Dedicated staff

Students are matched with a bilingual officer to support them with all day-to-day needs.


Effective guardianship is the key to academic and personal success when studying in the UK.

Peace of mind

With years of experience, our team provide a safe and supportive environment for students.


Effective communication is possible for all parties due to our highly efficient bilingual staff.

Partners abroad

By working closely with Chinese partners we can guarantee excellent service and cultural understanding.

Why choose us?


As experts in the UK-China Education Industry, we have years of experience to inform and support our services. Whether it’s academic, cultural or well-being based, we’re confident in our ability to continue to deliver the best support for our students whilst studying abroad.


Our ethos; ‘Your Success, Our Pride’ informs everything we do – we do everything we can to ensure that students are able to meet their goals. This informs our daily practice and processes to make sure that students have the best support, and no limitations holding them back.


Our Students, Schools, Parents, Host Families, and Agents deserve the best level of service, and we pride ourselves on continuously providing this excellent standard. We’re AEGIS accredited, and certified Guardians with BSA which demonstrates that we’re meeting and leading in our sector – quality is assured.

‘The schools, students and parents seem
overwhelmingly happy with Oxbridge Guardians.’

(AEGIS Inspection Report, September 2019)

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