Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting an international student is a big decision, and we’re here to help.
Browse our frequently asked questions, and if you’re not fully satisfied simply contact your local office.

What are my responsibilities as a host family?

Families must provide a bed, breakfast, lunch (weekends and holidays) and evening meals & have easy access to local transportation to and from the students’ school and a stable, caring environment. Host parents must submit an application, references, and are subject to a home visit by one of our experienced staff. Students bring their own spending money for personal needs, entertainment, and other incidentals.

I am not a "traditional" family, is it still possible to host?

Of course! Our hosts come in all shapes and sizes and we welcome such diverse families as single parent households, empty-nesters, and families with small children.

May I host more than one student at a time?

Yes, you may host up to four students depending on the size of your home. Some families like to host more than one student, as it gives the students a companion. It also gives your family the chance to learn more about another culture.


All of our host families receive monetary compensation for hosting an Oxbridge student. This sum is meant to support your family in the weekly costs of hosting a student.

What if there is a problem with our student? In case of an accident or illness, who do we contact?

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any questions or concerns. Our students must comply with all our rules and our staff will ensure they follow these while with your family.

Communication is key! Open communication between you and your student is crucial for a successful hosting experience

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